Become a LinkedIn Pro: How to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

how to get noticed by recruiters on linkedin

Become a LinkedIn Pro: How to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

One of the biggest rules in life is being ready when opportunity knocks. Change can be scary – even when we know it’s necessary. But it’s also the catalyst to positive growth. Whether it’s your personal or professional life, it’s always wise to be prepared. 

By now you know that LinkedIn is the largest job resource on Earth. Recruiters are always combing through the hundreds of millions of profiles for matches, so it could literally pay to be ready just in case one comes knocking on your digital door. You want to be that one in a million – or 800 million – right? We’ll tell you how to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn – and great ways to network too.

A Swipe-Right Profile

We wrote about LinkedIn profile tips in a previous blog – and the reason why we dedicated a whole blog to it is that it’s easily the number one asset you have on LinkedIn. (You should read it!

Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, you never know what’s out there. You could easily miss out on opportunities if you let your profile gather dust. So, make sure you keep it updated.

Your summary is one of the most important things for recruiters. Make sure it’s optimized with relevant keywords and that it is well-stated with your experience, interests, and skills.

Another pro tip? Make sure it’s easy to read – in other words, no long paragraphs. Have a clear headline and arrange your summary so that it’s easy for someone to scan.

Next, according to LinkedIn itself, profiles are often filtered and searched by industry – keep this updated on your profile.

Other important factors in your profile are location and education – recruiters may also use these while conducting searches, so it will definitely help to keep these current.

Make sure you add all your skills. These can include more than technical skills. Are you a great communicator, organizer, motivator, etc.? Don’t come across as bragging or over-confident, but make sure recruiters are fully aware of just how lucky a company would be to have you.

Don’t overlook Recommendations! Ask previous employers, co-workers, or clients to add a nice statement to your profile. This will give you credibility and make you that much more attractive to recruiters on LinkedIn (especially if the recommendations are from the recruiter’s connection pool).

Finally, are you actively searching for a new job? Make sure you’ve switched on the #OpentoWork feature. This – very visually – lets recruiters know you’re available by putting a green ring around your picture on LinkedIn. We tell you how to do that in our blog, “Important LinkedIn Job Search Tips.” (Side note:  Be sure to remove it when you find the job of your dreams though!)

Network on LinkedIn

But, wait! There’s more! If you really want to mobilize your LinkedIn presence, you can do more than just ace your profile. You can ace networking too. 

Recruit the recruiters by using the LinkedIn search bar. Typing in “recruiter” + your industry of choice will send you results where you can send a connection request with a message. Keep your message simple. Keep it brief. Let them know who you are, why you contacted them, and that you’re open to opportunities. 

Recruiters will often post about positions they’re working on. You can comment on these too, but remember that your comments will show up on your LinkedIn profile.

You can post too! And you should. You can re-share great content from your network or Groups, ask a question, share some tips from your experience, or even post a video. Include relevant hashtags in your post, which can help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

Your next step up could be just around the corner – and it’s most likely waiting for you on LinkedIn. Make sure you’re ready for great opportunities with these handy tips. And make sure you browse all the good advice in our other articles from our Become a LinkedIn Pro series. 

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