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How We Help

We help our clients craft and implement a competitive employment strategy, identify and hire top talent, and build a high-performance culture from the inside out.

Looking at a short list of highly qualified candidates and determining who to hire is easy.

You know your business and you know what you are looking for. The challenge is finding the candidate who is the real deal in a marketplace saturated with job seekers. Or, attracting the right people when your postings don’t pull anyone worth hiring. Finding talent requires ingenuity, focus, discipline, hard work, and time.

Chances are that you know what you want, but do you have the time to do the legwork to produce that A-list? That’s where TalentFront comes in. We don’t just find you candidates. We help you hire and build you a recruiting capacity you can leverage long after we’re gone.

We kick off our engagements learning about you — history, mission, values, organizational culture, and the qualities a candidate must possess to thrive in your company. We then craft a marketing plan to address your need and show you some people we think are a fit. You sign off and we start sourcing and screening people. Then we meet weekly to talk about our progress in meeting your goals. You can dial up our engagement or dial it back based on your needs. Plus, if you’re ready for it, we’ll help you hire and build your own recruiting team.

The TalentFront Way

Our Approach to your Recruiting Challenges

Your upfront involvement is key to a successful engagement. At the initiation of the project, the client and TalentFront define the criteria for a successful candidate. Then we build an engine that finds just the right person utilizing your network as the initial foundation.

Solicit Input & Conduct Strategy Sessions

Recruiting Plan




How We Work

Building a business is inspiring work when you have the right support. TalentFront can help you get a head start on recruiting success.

Our Sourced Recruiting Made Easy

TalentFront is an outsourced recruiting provider. We tackle our clients’ recruiting wholistically, exactly like a corporate recruiter. Thinking and operating like an embedded resource, we embrace our role as your ambassador.

Our model could be the perfect fit for you if you need recruiting, but don’t have enough roles to justify hiring a dedicated recruiter or you have some internal support, but not enough to meet a surge in new business.

As your recruiting provider we:

  • Develop a competitive employment strategy including job descriptions, postings, interview and reference check templates
  • Source, screen, and interview candidates
  • Coordinate your interviews and provide weekly reporting on progress

As an added bonus, we share our methodology, processes, and tools so that when you’re ready to hire your own team you have a foundation to build on.

Our Promise

We only accept engagements where we are convinced we can be successful.

We are your partners — you can tell us everything you would tell your team.

We will tell you the truth no matter what.

What Comes Next?

Once you decide to outsource your recruiting to TalentFront, onboarding is easy. Contact us and let’s start working on a recruiting package that will work for you.