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TalentFront clients are entrepreneurial leaders who believe that the key to organizational success is people. Our company was founded to help these managers create and/or transform their companies and organizations into talent-focused environments. Our team understands the joy of partnering with clients and candidates and that flows from the top down.

Marcia Call, the founder of TalentFront, has years of experience working on both the agency and corporate sides of the talent equation. Marcia has worked with staffing, contingent and retained search providers, and has experience managing a top-flight recruiting team. She understands the pressures you face in building and retaining talent in this highly competitive marketplace as well as the role TalentFront’s outsourced recruiting team can play.

Marcia Call


I founded TalentFront in 2012 as an alternative to contingent and retained recruiting solutions. We provide outsourced recruiting to government contracting companies, start-ups and technology firms, as well as nonprofits. TalentFront leverages my background in marketing, sales, and recruiting to drive results for our clients.

Prior to TalentFront, I worked for In-Q-Tel (IQT), as their Chief People Officer. IQT is a nonprofit strategic investment firm serving the Intelligence Community. I was responsible for the talent management function including recruitment, performance management, leadership development, and succession planning.

Previously, I was the President of McKinley Marketing Partners, a boutique staffing firm providing top-notch marketing and communications talent. I was responsible for the company’s sales, recruiting, and marketing efforts. I shaped many of the company’s key operating principles and best practices. Earlier in my career, I worked as a marketer serving both trade and consumer nonprofit organizations. I worked for the American Trucking Associations, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the March of Dimes among others.

I am proud to be a card-carrying Bobcat—a cum laude graduate of Bates College. After college, I served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) with the Peace Corps, providing health information in Swahili and French to a rural population in the eastern region of Kivu. A native of New Castle, New Hampshire, I call Alexandria, Virginia home sweet home.

Specialties: Recruiting in technology startups, nonprofit, and government contracting environments

Alina Zheng

Director of Operations

As TalentFront’s Operations Director, Alina works closely with our clients to learn about their organization’s needs and goals to help them find the right candidates. To Alina, working in recruitment is rewarding because it’s a chance to connect people with jobs and companies they’re truly excited about! However, working in HR surprisingly wasn’t her first choice. Her education and professional career started in political science.

In 2015, Alina graduated from The University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and decided to pursue her Master’s in International Affairs at NYU. For years, Alina pictured herself working in academia, but after two years into her PhD program and as a research associate at the University of Pennsylvania, she realized academic research wasn’t where she wanted to be. Research and long-term projects didn’t feel as fulfilling as she once thought. She realized her favorite part of political science had always been the people — interacting with people, studying people, and hearing their stories. That’s when she decided to explore human resources.

“Human resources and recruiting combined the human aspect of the work I was doing, with a workflow that’s more enjoyable.” Alina is all about the process; she loves working with candidates and clients from day one phone screenings, all the way to final conversations.

TalentFront’s human-first approach and team culture has made the start to her recruiting career enjoyable. “It’s nice to have a team where everyone is appreciated. We have such open communication and trust with each other and it’s a great place to be.” When Alina isn’t helping clients build their dream teams, she enjoys playing piano and cello and going to different restaurants.

Alina’s Advice for Job Seekers

“A lot of the advice out there tells candidates to sell themselves, but in a flashy way — to the point where I think they get caught up in the act of selling themselves. But a lot of times, a recruiter or a client isn’t looking for that; instead of focusing on sounding impressive, we want to know who you are! What journey you’ve been on in your career and why you’re interested in this position right now. Just be yourself”

Rebecca Marshall

Operations Specialist

Rebecca Marshall works as Talent Front’s Operations Associate. Her position puts her front and center with both employers and job seekers. It’s an important role that requires a positive outlook, empathy, and a can-do attitude. These are qualities she’s developed over the last few years.

Rebecca recently graduated from the University of New England in Maine with a degree in Marine Affairs. During college, she worked as a retail operations manager and as an office assistant for a trade association – two different environments, but two fields that require a high degree of customer engagement.  

The shift from college to “the real world,” however, can be difficult, and Rebecca found herself in the same position that many of our candidates  do – looking for the perfect professional opportunity.  After months of searching, however, she was contacted by a recruiter, and everything started to click for her. Now she’s on the recruiting side of the relationship and loves it.  

Rebecca finds it rewarding to help candidates find work or clients find the right person for their roles. She also enjoys the personable culture at TalentFront. She loves the welcoming atmosphere, the regular team-building activities, and how open communication is genuinely encouraged. “It’s really refreshing,” she says. 

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her dogs in the great outdoors – usually biking or hiking. And she volunteers whenever she can at the local food pantry.

Rebecca’s Advice for Job Seekers

“Be patient, and it will come to you. It took seven months for me to find the job I wanted, but it was worth it. So, just take your time, be positive, and wait for the right opportunity.”

Malik Brooks

Senior Recruiting Specialist

As someone who’s always loved music (and had a band in high school!), Malik received a Bachelor of Science in Music Management from Georgia State University in 2019. Throughout his time at Georgia State, Malik was a part of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. When attending a volunteer event, the Head of Recruitment for the fraternity’s national chapter couldn’t help but notice Malik’s energetic and magnetic personality. Although Malik had imagined himself starting a career in the music industry, he joined the chapter as a full-time recruiter after graduation. He was able to travel to various states like Colorado, California, and Texas and loved the people he met along the way.

When Malik had to take a break from recruitment due to the pandemic, he filled his time with film making, production and even started his own management company for various actors and musicians! He found his way back into recruitment in June 2021 when he joined a large staffing firm, but realized the culture wasn’t quite the right fit. TalentFront founder Marcia reached out to him a few months later and Malik joined the team in September 2021. Now, he can’t help but rave about the TalentFront culture; “Marcia has built and structured a great company. The people I work with are always excited to help one another.”
Outside of work, Malik still enjoys working with his friends on their music, films and even plays acoustic guitar, bass and piano.

Malik’s Advice for Job Seekers

“Be able to explain your resume and walk through your career history in a conversational way. That will give us a better idea of you rather than just reading the bullets off of a paper!”

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