The Best Way to Recruit New Employees

the best way to recruit new employees

The Best Way to Recruit New Employees

You’ve just been told it’s time to hire some new employees. But with every second that passes, you can feel your stress level rising!

  • Where are you going to post the job description? 
  • What happens if no one applies? 
  • What if TOO MANY people apply? 
  • Where will you find the time for all the phone screenings and interviews with colleagues and management? 

You can already see the resumes and emails stacking up in your inbox. These thoughts are overwhelming, and now your day is ruined. Sound familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you that the problem with recruiting new employees is exactly that…you THINK it is a problem.

The best way to recruit new employees is to ditch the negativity and stop focusing only on the gruesome details of the work. Recruiting employees is an opportunity to reach a new goal. Remember, it’s an exciting chance to grow your organization! 

When you associate hiring with a lot of negativity, your attitude permeates your process, and before you know it, you’ve turned a major milestone into a headache, a problem for the business.

The best way to recruit new employees is to fix your perspective and attack it with intention. Focus on the end goal – a new addition to your team that will take your company to the next level. 

  1. Take a step back. Remember why you want this person on your team. What’s the number one task or initiative this newbie will handle for you? Imagine the daily relief when your new employee takes work into their own hands and, more importantly, off your to-do list.
  2. Write it all down. Spill your thoughts on paper about what a successful fit in this role looks like. What kind of personality does this person have? What kind of background would they need to do this work?
  3. Start your search party. Think about who might know someone like the person you want to hire. Make a list of these people – we call them nominators. Spend an hour calling these folks to let them know about the opportunity. Send them your write-up and post it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Others may have excellent recommendations for you. 

Recruiting can feel a lot less overwhelming when you change your point of view. Don’t see it as a problem; view it as an opportunity! However, if you’re not convinced and still have nightmares about drowning in resumes, give TalentFront a call. One of our hiring enthusiasts will help you remember what you’re really interested in – a hero who has the ability to take your business to the next level.

Problem solved.


About the Author


Marcia is the founder and CEO of TalentFront. She leverages her executive background in talent recruitment, leadership development, performance management, sales, and marketing to provide insightful recruitment solutions to a diverse range of clients. Her experience on both sides of the hiring equation helps her fully understand the struggle in finding and retaining top talent – and the reward in finding that just-right person.